Ambassador Resources

Promoting Financial Peace Through Modern Financial Tools’s Ambassador program is meant to bridge the gap between passion sharers and financial peace seekers. We offer rewarding ways to cutting edge financial strategies that can modernize and promote the financial health of our community members. 

As you read through our resources below, you’ll want to note key ways to successfully hand off financial peace seekers and successfully overcome common objections.

Top Resources

Getting Start Guide

Ready to hit the ground running? Check out our quick start guide to review your next steps and ways to maximize your impact.

Tracking Your Referrals

Looking for more technical information on how to track, and get credit for your referrals? This guide will help you align with your digital marketing team and ensure credit is given where its due.

Sales Objections Guide

Expecting some push back on these ideas? You’ll want to read this to be prepared to help others overcome common myths and logical hurdles. These materials are also great for training sales teams.

Pitch Deck

Looking to hold a webinar or do a presentation? Use our branded or unbranded pitch deck to present on and lead an audience through your ideas.

Campaign Ideas & Materials

Needing inspiration on your campaigns? Check out this section to reference creative, learn about messaging that works, and work through next steps on your community expansion efforts.

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