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How Andrew & Lisa in Tennessee are set to pay off $353,000 in home value in less than 6 years

Honestly, finding you guys over at really was a turning point.  After reading your guides, I was able to understand how a First Lien HELOC is used differently and how it could help me pay off my home much faster than with my mortgage. Still, I wasn’t a firm believer until I used your calculator. Seeing the breakdown side by side made me realize that we would be foolish not to commit to this. 

How Elizabeth and her family reduced their interest payments by 80%

Using the calculator to breakdown my current loan vs. what I could be saving made it night and day easy for me to see what amount of money I was leaving on the table. I’d highly recommend using the calculator and then talking to someone about the numbers.

How Michael in Texas paid down 26.7% of his loan balance in 12 months​

In our first 12 months, we paid down 26.7% of our total loan, which was about 10x faster than you would generally pace with a 30 year mortgage. I knew that this was all theoretically possible after reading several articles and watching some youtube videos online, but to actually see it with my wife during our monthly budget meetings, well, you can say I am impressed.