Achieve financial freedom with a
1st Lien HELOC

A revolutionary new home financing option where you can save thousands on interest, simplify your financial life, and pay off your home in as little as 5-7 years.

Achieve financial freedom with a 1st Lien HELOC​



Shopping for a 1st Lien HELOC? See our Detailed Guides:

If you’re shopping or in the research phase of shopping for a 1st Lien HELOC, you’ve probably heard about how powerful it can be. While some prefer to keep this information behind a walled garden, we proudly create and share our strategy guides so that others can be financially empowered by the first lien heloc strategy.

There's a smarter way to pay off your mortgage.

We worked with some really smart math wizards to find ways to maximize your cashflow, and then partnered with several banks to offer the right features in a home loan product that allows you to save big. And we mean really big.

Like, paying off your home in 5 – 7 years and potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars type of big.

Sounds too good to be true, right? We know. We talk with a lot of home owners and investors, and we see a lot of the same questions pop up. Things like; “How can I possibly pay less in interest with a higher rate”, “Why does interest calculation type matter,” and, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?” These are all great questions to ask.

Here is what it comes down to…

...Interest calculation matters!

Banks use different ways to calculate interest across different loan and credit products. Turns out, the way the bank calculates your mortgage interest vs. how it calculates your HELOC interest means that there is an opportunity to exploit, and save big. HELOC’s, like a credit card, use an interest calculation based on the previous month’s Average Daily Balance. If you do some math, you realize that if you pay down your principal faster than a typical amortization schedule, you end up saving an enormous amount of interest.

That itself isn’t revolutionary. But what is revolutionary is when you combine this principal with flexibility of a HELOC, you can maximize your cashflow without losing a safety reserve to minimize your interest liability. We call this the Maximized Cashflow Strategy.

Note: Not just any HELOC will work. Most financial institutions do NOT offer a HELOC in a first lien position, or one with included sweep accounts and online banking. You need the right HELOC with features that make it easy to budget, pay bills, pay down balance, and exclude any additional sweep account fees or charges.

To be successful, your 1st Lien HELOC needs the following features:






bill pay






money goes
in or out

Combine these features with a Maximized Cashflow Strategy and you can save big.

1st lien heloc

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After submitting your application, a loan officer will review your application and reach out to you to schedule a time to discuss your First Lien HELOC use cases and qualifications.

After working with your qualified lender, your Loan Officer will reach out to you to schedule your closing date on your First Lien HELOC. 

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