Love our movement so much that you can't wait to share it with the world?

Become an Ambassador

Become a leader in your community by helping others make larger strides toward financial stability.

As the first lien heloc community continues to grow, we aim to work hand in hand with local community contributors to help US homeowners find greater financial stability in shifting economic times.

Our Ambassador Program allows us to align ourselves to you – the industry finance professionals – and equips you with the tools, resources, and know-how to drive greater results for your clients, and get rewarded for your contributions toward their lives. 

How it works



Use our online system to join our Ambassador community. Inside, you’ll get access to private groups, additional features, and a few behind the scenes to work more closely with


Use our Tools & Resources

We’ve developed a plethora of tools, slide decks, presentation materials, tracking systems, marketing collateral, and more that you can use to educate and impress your clients!


Refer Your Clients

Once you’ve worked with your clients to prepare them for the next step in their financial lives, make the referral to’s educational platform so that they may join our community and take the next steps toward pay their home off in a fraction of the time.

Coming soon

More Ambassador Resources

As our community grows, our team is working on releasing a new suite of tools meant to arm Ambassadors with even greater ways to drive value from their clients (and monetize said value!).

As these new programs are released, we will share additional information in our private Ambassador group and via email. We will be opening a beta period to test these systems and explore the ways that you can use them for your business.

Help your clients get a clear plan to success with custom strategy guides made just for them! All you’ll need to do is have them use your Ambassador Page with First Lien HELOC calculator, and at the end of the calculator, they can purchase an auto generated guide from you based on the financials they’ve inputted. This gives your clients a tangible report with quality financial details to pay off their home in a fraction of the time.

Give your clients access to additional learning through our online course system. By referring them to sign up for the courses using your links, you’ll get a split of the revenue from the course sales you’ve generated. 

Looking for a better way to manage your business and clients? Sign up using the CRM & Marketing system, and get access to powerful new marketing features and automations that let you sell more with less input.

Operating in a consulting role with your clients? Wanting to find ways to keep them accountable after you’ve laid out a plan to success? Use the Ambassador Accountability program to have checkins with your clients and offer a higher level of service.

Rising Ambassador Program Members!

Dapo Orukotan

Infinite Banking Practitioner

Denzel Rodriguez

Helping you make better financial decisions with your First Lien HELOC and the Velocity Banking concept.

Financial Coach & Content Creator

D'Andre Clayton

Infinite Banking Practitioner & Insurance Expert

New Ambassadors

Logan Hertz

I help my clients become their own bankers utilizing the Infinite Banking Concept, by leveraging a specially designed whole life insurance policy as their primary financing vehicle.

Infinite Banking Practitioner

Sebastien Boyer

I coach my clients on personal and business credit, business financing and loans, debt management with velocity banking, estate planning, and Infinite Banking.

Director of Financing – OrangeFi 
Founder – Business Credit 101 & Metalife Banking

Umaer Haq

Full-time Real Estate professional that loves to help others find financial flexibility with our first position HELOC.

Real Estate Professional

Love our movement so much that you can't wait to share it with the world?

What is the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is a collaborative effort between our brand and the personal finance influencers with the goal of spreading awareness and positive outcomes through educating American Homeowners on advanced debt management and personal finance strategies. 

In its first culmination, the Ambassador Program gave our community contributors a basic set of online infrastructure to empower them with materials for webinars, slide decks, a calculator, and webforms. As we transition into the Three Tier System, will be releasing new assets and business tools to help our community accelerate their businesses even further.

What is the Three Tier System?

The Three Tier System is a suite of business and monetization tools that will allow our Ambassadors to drive revenue through horizontal business expansion backed by the brand. Each Tier offers co-monetization offerings at low, mid, and high-end price points that work with consumers where they are. 

1 Tier I
2 Tier II
3 Tier III
Tier I

Tier I

The first tier of the Three Tier system includes a proven marketing funnel with landing pages, marketing automation, and the calculator to sell “Strategy Plans." Each referral or user who enters through the Ambassador’s funnel will have the ability to use the calculator by entering their numbers, getting a summarized view of whether or not this will work for them, and then the chance to purchase a breakdown strategy guide on how to implement the Velocity Banking strategy with a first lien HELOC. 

These strategy guides will sell for $150 each, and that revenue will be split between the Ambassador and Each strategy guide purchase will also automatically enter that user into the’s referral system, giving the attributed Ambassador the opportunity to earn the referral fee on that user as well.

Strategy Guide will include:

  • Loan Balance
  • Cashflow Report
  • Paydown Schedule
  • Estimated Cost Savings
  • Equivalent Interest Rate
  • Velocity Banking Strategy Information
Tier II

Tier II

The second tier of the Three Tier System allows for Ambassadors to offer or sell online learning courses, hosted by, to their audiences. will provide the course infrastructure, and Ambassadors will be able to pitch this infrastructure in bulk, allowing their audiences to buy into the program and receive a higher level of support and education than what is currently available. 

Each course will be priced between $350 - $850 depending on the content length, the course creative, and the course creator. 

Course Content:

  • Intro to Debt Management
  • Velocity Banking 101 (Old vs. New)
  • Infinite Banking
  • House Flipping 101 (BRRR)
  • Assessing Property for STR
  • Home Purchase Preparation
  • First Time Home Buyers
Tier III

Tier III

The third tier of the Three Tier System allows for Ambassadors to offer and sell the highest level of service, an Accountability Program that steers clients toward success post-acquisition of their First Lien HELOC. This program provides clients or end-users with Accountability and strategic insight to properly route and manage cashflow, and achieve the paydown goals that they have. 

  • Help acquire the First Lien HELOC
    • Credit score consultations - are you in range?
    • Doc preparation
    • Preparing for your application
  • Monthly Group Call
    • Highlight top paydown 
    • Discuss cash flow strategies and budget priorities
    • FAQ
  • 1-1 Session @ 30 minutes (Breakout session)
    • Individual help, where are you struggling?
    • These could be an additional charge, or optional

What is the Brand Ambassador Program?

We’ve seen thousands of people blown away by the power of the 1st Lien HELOC. In just a few years, our little site has grown tremendously, and with it, our community of American Homeowners pursuing greater financial freedom.

As we’ve grown, we discovered that working more closely with experienced finance professionals and finance influencers helped people better understand this new financial strategy, and allowed them to truly benefit from the power of the 1st Lien HELOC. So we decided to help bring our community together by launching the FLH Brand Ambassador Program, which rewards community contributors and thought leaders.

Interested In Our Ambassador Program?