About FirstLienHeloc.com

Homeownership shouldn't be a long term debt sentance

Our mission: Helping you achieve financial freedom

Although we were started by experienced finance professionals, we aren’t deaf to changing trends and new markets emerging in the finance and mortgage industry. Ever since we’ve learned about this amazing strategy, friends, family members, and partners are waking up to the power of first lien HELOCs, with some paying their home off in as little as 5 – 7 years!

We get so inspired hearing story after story about the positive changes this strategy is having on people’s lives. We’ve seen families paying off 90k of their principal balance in just 6 months, couples paying off all of their consumer debts and attacking their loan balance 2x faster than they were with their mortgage, and people completely paying off their homes 24 years faster than what they initially planned.

We feel blessed to have helped our current customers and are excited to help you on your path to financial freedom! We hold a strong commitment to integrity, service, and quality experience.