Success Story

How Michael in California paid down 26.7% of his loan balance in 12 months


Prior to signing to a First Lien HELOC, what was your mortgage situation?

After getting married to my wife last year, we knew it was time for us to take the next big step in our relationship by upgrading our home. We previously had a 3.6% APR 30 year mortgage but were using the Velocity Banking strategy to get ahead on our balance. 

What was your biggest concern before deciding to switch from a traditional mortgage to a First Lien HELOC?

Well, I had been using the velocity banking strategy for almost 2 years before coming across the First Lien HELOC concept, so I honestly didn’t feel like this was that foreign to me. The strategy you guys are teaching is really just the next iteration of velocity banking, so when I read your 101 guide and used your calculator – I realized pretty quickly that this was the way we needed to go. 

How has the First Lien HELOC strategy changed your life?

In our first 12 months, we paid down 26.7% of our total loan, which was about 10x faster than you would generally pace with a 30 year mortgage. I knew that this was all theoretically possible after reading several articles and watching some youtube videos online, but to actually see it with my wife during our monthly budget meetings, well, you can say I am impressed. 

We love our First Lien HELOC. We tell all of our friends and church members about it and gotten a bit of a reputation for being “Financial Gurus” in our social circle.

What advice would you give to a homeowner who is considering the First Lien HELOC strategy?

Make the jump. If you are committed to being debt free and can be disciplined in your spending, a First Lien HELOC will work its magic on your financial life and leave you wondering why you didn’t come across this sooner. 

Existing Mortgage

Beginning Principal Balance


Interest Rate



30 years

Total Interest Paid


Effective Cost of Funds


First Lien HELOC

Beginning Principal Balance


Interest Rate



5.2 years

Total Interest Paid


Effective Cost of Funds


Projected Savings

In Interest Paid to the Bank
$ 0

How much sooner you can pay your mortgage

Years Sooner

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