Success Story

How Andrew in Tennessee & Lisa are set to pay off $353,000 in home value in less than 6 years​


Prior to signing to a First Lien HELOC, what was your mortgage situation?

My wife and I had a fixed rate 30-year mortgage from a big bank at 3.7 % APR. 

We realized that we had only paid down $11,200 of our principal balance, which was only about 3.7% of the whole mortgage….after 24 payments!!  Once we realized this, although it was really tough to see and accept, it prompted us to search for other ways to pay down my home that would work better for us.

What was your biggest concern before deciding to switch from a traditional mortgage to a First Lien HELOC?

When Lisa and I heard about First Lien HELOC, we honestly thought it was some sort of scam or something. We were really attracted to the benefits and being able to pay off of our home a lot sooner… but we really struggled with understanding how a higher interest rate heloc could save me money over our lower interest rate mortgage. 

Honestly, finding you guys over at really was a turning point.  After reading your guides, I was able to understand how a First Lien HELOC is used differently and how it could help me pay off my home much faster than with my mortgage.

Still, I wasn’t a firm believer until I used your calculator. Seeing the breakdown side by side made me realize that we would be foolish not to commit to this. 

How has the First Lien HELOC strategy changed your life?

I would have originally said that it allowed us to pay down the loan balance faster, which is true. But honestly, my favorite and most unexpected benefit that my wife and I have noticed is how much simpler our finances are now. 

One account. One statement. Fast equity accrual… I mean, what isn’t to love?

What advice would you give to a homeowner who is considering the First Lien HELOC strategy?


The interest stuff and technical banking language really scared me off of this at first, but I’m glad that I spent time reading and re-reading the content that explains how this work. After using the calculator, I signed up and talked with a Loan Originator from a partner bank and that really helped me understand the concepts and how this all works.

My advice?

Use the calculator, and then go talk to a bank partner through the site. They will break it down and be much more honest with you about this than what I had experienced with other mortgage companies. 

Existing Mortgage

Beginning Principal Balance


Interest Rate



30 years

Total Interest Payments


Total Cost of Funds


First Lien HELOC

Beginning Principal Balance


Interest Rate


Pay off Timeline

6 years

Total Interest Paid


Total Cost of Funds


Projected Savings

Total Cost Saved
$ 0

How much sooner will they pay off their home

Years Saved

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