Zachary Newberry

Buffalo, New York, United States


Money Mentor & Fractional CFO



Zachary Newberry, CPA -The Money School Fractional CFO -Money Mentor and Financial Coach -Teaching you how to take back control of your money and be your own bank The “game” of money is as complex and as individual as your DNA. The goal of the Fractional CFO is to understand the complexities of your financial picture that make you unique, and then design a road map to optimize YOUR finances to reach YOUR goals. As you begin, we take you through a Financial GPS process of understanding the current starting point and plug in where you want to get to. Based on those two data points, we uncover the path and journey to help you get there as efficiently as possible, helping you through the bumps in the road as we go through the process TOGETHER. This is a completely customizable program, unique to each individual and their goals. This is what makes this such a special and exciting program – no two people will get the same experience, which to me, is a wonderful thing!