Getting Started

Maximizing your contributions to the Brand Ambassador Program

So you're approved... Now What?

You’ve officially been given the green light to begin referring into our Ambassador Program. So now what?

As the excitement of the opportunity fades and the “what next” feeling comes to mind, you’ll want to follow the steps below to ensure you’re on track to earn your rewards.

Review Our Resources

step 1

Just like Ikea furniture, you’ll want to review the instructions before you build your Ambassador Program campaigns. 

Our resources section compiles important information, common objection handling, and additional campaign materials that make it easy for you to get a head start on your community contributions. 

Ambassador Program Resources Page

Objection Handling

Pitch Decks

Campaign Ideas

Embed Our Calculator

Once you are finished reading through these pages, we recommend plotting your funnel out in a visual mindmapping tool like Miro.

Getting Campaigns Ready

step 2

As you bring your creative vision to life, you’ll want to ensure that your campaigns manage the expectations of your audience effectively, and that there is no confusion as to the process.

Because most users you refer are looking to acquire a 1st Lien HELOC with a bank, and use the Maximized Cashflow Strategy, we want to remind you that it is very important that you educate them that you are referring to as the bank matching partner.

Because of the serious compliance restrictions around transacting mortgage leads in the United States Legal system, it is extremely important that you do not in any way attempt to sell leads directly to a bank, and that your referred users understand that you referring them to us allows for everyone to maintain a proper legal standing from a bank’s vendor management.

With your campaigns, you’ll want to ensure the following items:

  • You are referring users that are existing homeowners and are believed to have a credit score at, near, or above 700
  • Your referred users understand the application process to applying for a loan, and that they have their documents ready to submit to underwriting after officially applying through a bank partner’s online portal
  • Referred users sufficiently understand how this work
  • Referred users are reasonably financially responsible

Ensuring Tracking Is Setup Correctly

step 3

Wouldn’t you hate to go through all of this work setting up campaigns and getting accepted into our Ambassador Program only to not receive credit for your hard work?

We know we would!

Prior to launching your campaigns, you’ll want to make sure that you are sufficiently using your assigned tracking information, tracking page, and tracking phone number. These items ensure that you receive credit for your referrals and that there is no confusion around where your referral came from, even if they enter a different part of our funnel that doesn’t attribute to you later on.

Visit Tracking Page


step 4

So you’ve put in the hard work, and now you’re ready to promote! At this time, you’ll want to give us a heads up. Shoot your point of contact an email notifying them of your planned launch date for your campaigns, and what tracking items you are using. If you have any additional questions or concerns, our team will be a consultation with you to ensure you have everything set up correctly.